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Emergency Notification System

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Emergency Notification System - School Edition v2.01


In the world of constant communication it is imperative to keep in touch with the parents and/or teachers of your school. The Emergency Notification System - School Edition will make conveying information to the people who need it the most as simple as clicking a button or picking up the phone. Not all notifications are emergencies. When you also have school information to convey to the parents or teachers of the school the system will alleviate the work load.

This is the Emergency Notification System - School Edition v2.01 by Advanced Voice Solutions. This system is used to notify parents and teachers via the phone, email and text message of school information. Not all information is an emergency. With this system you can notify:

    • All Parents
    • All Teachers
    • All Bus Routes
    • Individual Bus Routes
    • Individual Classes
    • Individual Sports Teams
    • Individual School Clubs

The system can also be used to send out a mass mailing or mass emailing to all of the parents and teachers. Another key feature is the addition of the homework hotline. The homework hotline allows teachers to record their daily homework assignment allowing the parents of the students to review their child's homework.

Key Features:

Emergency Notification : When an emergency occurs and information needs to be delivered to the parents or teachers quickly, the system allows you to send one message and ALL parents or teachers will receive the same message quickly.


Out-Dial (Call Outs) : The system can make from 8 to 64 calls at the same time to notify parents and teachers of school information or emergencies.


SMS : Send SMS (Text Messages) to all parents or teachers to notify them of school information.
*SMS only available for clients with paid SMS 3rd party sending services


Email : Send email messages to all parents or teachers to notify them of school information.


Mass Mailing : Export a text delimited file to use for a mail merge program to send out letters to all parents or teachers.


Bus Routes : Call the parents of all students on an individual bus or all bus routes.


Classes : Call the parents of all students in an individual class to notify them of class information.


Sports Teams : Call all of the parents of the students on an individual sports team to notify them of team information.


Clubs : Call all of the parents of the students in an individual club to notify them of club information.


Multiple Guardians : Each student in the system can have two guardians associated with them during notifications.


Detailed Reporting : Call reports that show the result of every call the system made during a notification. Reports include overall call results, detailed call results and an audio copy of the message sent.


Parents Web Portal : Web based portal for parents to log into the system to update their contact information. Parents can make changes to their mailing address, phone number, cell phone number, work number and email address.


Teachers Messages : The teachers have the ability to send messages to the classes they teach, the sports teams they coach or the clubs they run. Also the teachers can use the homework hotline function for their classes.


Homework Hotline : The teachers can record the homework assignment for the day, allowing the parents of the students to call into the system to review the homework assignment for their child. Homework assignments can be updated daily, weekly or as often as the teacher would like.


Upgrades : Every system includes one year of free upgrades, with the option to purchase service plans that include software upgrades. The engineering team is constantly adding on new modules requested by clients.


Training : Advanced Voice Solutions offers full system administration training for the Emergency Notification System - School Edition v2.01 included with every system, also a refresher course with every service plan. Training for the system is done over the phone with a remote connection to the system. This allows training for your employees no matter where in the world they are located.


Support : Advanced Voice Solutions provides remote support for the first year with every system. After the first year there is an option to purchase a service plan from AVS to cover your system. With remote support powered by Citrix, Advanced Voice Solutions can help with any question or issue you might have almost immediately. It is like having a Certified Engineer at your location anytime you need one.

When to use the system:

      • In the event of an emergency to notify all parents/teachers
      • When school is closed (due to weather or other reason)
      • When a bus is running late
      • To send information or a reminder to a class
      • To send a field trip reminder to the parents
      • To send information or a reminder to a sports team
      • To send a practice or game reminder to a sports team
      • To send information or a reminder to a school club
      • To notify parents about open school night
      • To notify parents about report cards
      • To allow parents to review their child's homework assignments
      • Plus many more...

For more information contact the sales department.

Screen Shots

This is the welcome screen to
the notification system.
The main menu once logged in
to the notification system.
Edit the Students information including bus route, sports team, club and classes.

Send an email to all parents or choose from many other lists to send an email to.
Many detailed reports allow you to see exactly who is in the system and how the system has been used.
Send SMS messages to sports teams or many other different lists.

For more information contact the sales department ( demo available upon request )