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Give your employees the power to communicate and collaborate more productively; give them CallXpress® from AVST. With its advanced voice mail, call processing, unified messaging, fax, notification and speech-enabled capabilities, your workforce will never be out of touch — with each other or your customers. That's because CallXpress lets them receive and respond to messages anytime and anywhere. If your company is looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency and stay connected to your customers, then CallXpress is exactly what you need.

CallXpress Brings It All Together So You Can

...Be More Responsive To Your Customers

Quick, responsive customer service requires advanced technology. CallXpress gives you that edge with three important features:

Advanced Voice Mail

At the core of CallXpress is an advanced voice mail system that answers your calls when you can't. Your personalized messages can let callers know if you're on another call, away from your desk or out of the office. It can also route customers to self-service applications when you can't talk to them in person.

Automated Attendant

With our automated attendant, any information stored in a database can be spoken or faxed to your customers via Interactive Voice Response (IVR). So instead of getting a busy signal or being put on hold, your customers have automatic access to accurate information, 24 hours a day — allowing you to increase customer satisfaction without increasing staff costs. And that leads to long-term, profitable relationships with your customers.

Message Notification

Never miss another urgent call or message, no matter where you are. With CallXpress Message Notification, when a new message is received, an alert is sent right to your pager, telephone, mobile or any SMS-capable device. Choose how you'd like to be notified — via a daily message reminder, immediate message or SMS notification — and even set up filters based on a specific sender or message type (voice, fax or e-mail).

...Stay In Touch While On The Go

With CallXpress you can manage your voice, fax and e-mail messages from any location at any time — via laptop, telephone, cell phone or the Internet. On the road to your next appointment? No problem. Just pick up your mobile device, follow the simple touch tone or voice commands and, using text-to-speech technology, CallXpress gives you instant access to all of your messages — even e-mail and fax messages.

...Accomplish More In Less Time

Speech-Enabled Personal Assistant

Being out of the office doesn't have to mean being out of touch. Using the very latest state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, the CallXpress Speech Server acts as a personal assistant, directing your calls to you wherever you are — at your desk, in your car or at your home office.

Your speech-enabled personal assistant also lets you retrieve, respond to and create new e-mail messages, retrieve Microsoft® Exchange® contact numbers, place outbound calls, put calls on hold, receive multiple inbound calls, and schedule meetings all on a single call. And with the built-in directory service, you can call coworkers without looking up their extensions or waiting for an operator to direct your call. You simply speak the name of the person you wish to call, and the CallXpress Speech Server connects you for real-time collaboration.

Unified Messaging

For even greater productivity, all of your messages — voice, fax and e-mail — appear in your Microsoft Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, or other IMAP4-compatible e-mail box. Messages can be prioritized easily and accessed in any order. No longer will you have to dig through all your voice messages just to get to the important ones. The end result: less time managing your messages and more time acting on them.

Your global employees can take advantage of the mobility features of CallXpress, because it supports multilingual text-to-speech. CallXpress desktop clients are available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish.


This broadcast notification application seamlessly leverages CallXpress where outbound calls are placed on the voice ports. NotifyXpress helps strengthen customer relationships by proactively reaching out and providing information that they value. This could be anything from appointment reminders to schedule changes to emergency message notification. You can even personalize the information by customer.

...Upgrade Without Overextending

At AVST, we understand the full spectrum costs involved in transitioning from a first-generation voice mail system. We want to minimize the training and pain for both your users and your administrative staff. So we've designed CallXpress with these features:

Telephone User Interface (TUI) Emulation

We've invested heavily in the development of alternate user interfaces that can emulate the command structure of many popular first-generation voice mail systems. As a result, users need very little training to transition to CallXpress. Currently, we offer alternate user interface solutions for Octel® Aria®, Octel Serenade® (VMX), Avaya® INTUITY AUDIX®, Nortel Meridian Mail, and Mitel® NuPoint with Centigram Interface.

Secure IP-Telephony Transition

Moving from traditional circuit-switched architecture to a packet-switched IP environment is no longer just a dream, but an achievable reality. That's because you no longer need to perform a massive technology refresh overnight, involving multiple sites. CallXpress supports over 250 traditional PBX and IP-based integrations, so you can transition from your existing technology at your pace. There's no need to rip out the old system all at once, unlike competitive products.

Our award-winning CallXpress solution has been unifying communications for companies all over the world. So as the world of enterprise communications advances, you can rest assured that AVST has your future covered.